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In the Wedding section of The New York Times, we often hear criticism that we publish only the wedding announcements of the sons and daughters of society’s white upper crust.

That is not true, of course. But even though we have had some success over the years in diversifying those represented in our wedding pages, in terms of both race and economic background, we know we can do better.


The Times is hardly new to the coverage of nonwhite newlyweds. This series, which explores 165 years of Times wedding announcements, shares some of those of stories, from Ida B. Wells to Jewelle and James Gibbs to Marian Wright and Peter Edelman.

As part of our quest to do better in finding couples from underrepresented groups, we are encouraging everyone to submit their announcement for consideration.

We ask that you shed any preconceived idea of who will or who will not be accepted into our pages. For example, you don’t need wealthy parents or an ancestor who came over on the Mayflower. We want to read about accomplished and interesting couples from all walks of life. That word — “accomplished” — does not only apply to brides or grooms who graduated summa cum laude, or clerked at the Supreme Court, or sit on the board of a Fortune 500 company. We have featured the weddings of police officers, truck drivers and letter carriers, too.

Remember: We can choose couples only from the submissions we receive.

Our selection process is subjective and sometimes excruciating, and many factors come into play, including how much print space and resources are available in any given week.

Go here to submit your announcement. And, thank you. We look forward to hearing your love story.

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fashion in the field

If you think your fashion sense has "no confines" and is a stand out from the crowd, an opportunity awaits for you to put your talent to the test at the J Swap Contractors Ltd Matamata Breeders' Stakes Day.

That will be where women and men are able to wear their best for this year's Tuscany Road Supreme Fashion in the Field on Saturday.

Matamata Breeders' Stakes Tuscany Road Fashion in the Field Supreme Winner for 2016 was Margaux Davison.

Matamata Racing Club sponsorship and marketing manager Jaye Clark said there will be two categories plus a new class giving contestants a chance at international modelling events.

The two fashion in the field events include the Envisage Race Day Elegance and the Jane's Fashion and Accessories Avant Garde.

Clark said the Avant Garde category is for lads and ladies who are considered to be "ultra creators" when it comes to raceday fashion.

"It's for the ones that stand out from the crowd, eye-catching unique flair, no confines. It's a more out there kind of marieprom dress.

"The Race Day Elegance category is more high fashion, with timeless style and sophistication, co-ordinated and accessories."

Finalists are selected from the two events and the supreme winner will go forward to Derby Day in Auckland on March 4.

"It's important to say that the Tuscany Road Supreme Fashion in the Field is open to male and female, we want to see men enter as well.

"It all happens in front of the public stand, so everyone can view the event."

Clark said she hoped guests at the raceday will take the time to inspect each contestant as the judges make their decisions.

Those looking to enter can do so from 11.30am but they must be on course to take part.

"The first 20 who enter will receive a goody bag and some of the things inside include a styling session with Annah Stretton, valued at $250, beauty vouchers and hairdressing vouchers," said Clark.

The first heat of the fashion in the field will be held at 12.30pm with more heats about every 30 minutes after. The final will be judged about 2.47pm before the major race of the day.

A new category, called Raceday Model, is being introduced this year by sponsor Moda Model Management for women looking to take modelling more seriously.

Those who enter the two Tuscany Road Supreme Fashion in the Field events will be judged separately and the top three will have automatic entry into the final of three national modelling pageants.

Love Racing's Elizabeth Charleston has plenty of tips for fashion in the field events and some of her racewear blogs may come in handy for this Saturday's event.

One of her most recent blogs looks at how to top off "your gorgeous outfit".

"You need to crown your glory with a suitable hat or headpiece. I personally recommend you find yourself a trusted milliner to help you on your journey entering fashion in the field competitions."

Milliners are very creative and are always experimenting with new techniques and acquired materials.

"This means it is quite possible that they will have several beautiful hats and head pieces in stock at their studio that might perfectly match your race day outfit."

A good milliner should be able to take on board their clients vision but also be able to add their own creative touch to the headpiece. Never, ever ask a milliner to make an exact copy of a hat you have seen online or in a magazine.

Some milliners go to the trouble of travelling internationally to learn their trade and continue to up skill along the way with new millinery techniques that will quite possibly help you on your winning way in your fashion in the field competition.

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postpone my wedding?

'I want to explore the world. Travel, meet friends and do silly things. He is now looking forward to start a family, have kids and settle. But what about me?'

Rappler's Life and Style section runs an advice column by couple Jeremy Baer and clinical psychologist Dr Margarita Holmes.

Jeremy has a master's degree in law from Oxford University. A banker of 37 years who worked in 3 continents, he has been training with Dr Holmes for the last 10 years as co-lecturer and, occasionally, as co-therapist, especially with clients whose financial concerns intrude into their daily lives.


Together, they have written two books: Love Triangles: Understanding the Macho-Mistress Mentality and Imported Love: Filipino-Foreign Liaisons.

It seems that the levelheadedness that has enabled you to succeed materially in life so far is what is also enabling you to appreciate that there is more to life than just your job and your house. While your career may be on the right path, you don't want to ignore other aspects of your life, which understandably have had to take a back seat thus far.

Sensibly enough, you want to deal with this before you get married, have children and suddenly find that middle age has crept up unnoticed!

Mindful that your fiancé (let's call him Luis), being a decade older, already thinks he has put that stage of his life behind him, you also want to ensure that your married life together is not clouded by regrets that you didn't have 'fun', regrets that could possibly turn into resentment or worse.

Your plan to delay the wedding sounds eminently sensible if you are to explore the underdeveloped 'fun' side of life. You say that this will sadden Luis, reasonable enough if he wants to settle down and multiply, but it should also be something he supports if he truly wants you to be happy and ready to settle down yourself.

However, you should be prepared for the law of unexpected consequences to operate if you carry out this plan of yours. Firstly, you seem to believe that it will be something finite, akin to setting aside a couple of hours to see a movie, albeit a little more prolonged.

Of course it could be, at least in theory, because all you have to do at the end is get on a plane home on the appointed day. However, it is entirely possible that far from having exhausted your desire to make up for the 'fun' you have missed out on till now, you may have actually opened Pandora's box and find that you have acquired a taste for more of this new life.

Secondly, by your own admission, you have led a strictly controlled and focused life to date and presumably Luis has fallen in love inter alia with this aspect of your persona. There exists the possibility therefore that when you finally release the inner 'fun' element of your character, he may not be totally appreciative of the change – and of course you may not be as tolerant of his stick-in-the-mud 'been there, done that' approach to life either.

You ask if your thoughts and plans are normal, reasonable, fair, selfish. It is totally normal and reasonable to want some fun in your life but whether it is fair or selfish will depend on how you go about it. You and Luis have diametrically opposed views and an honest, open conversation about how you deal with this will be vital. He should be supportive if he truly has your best interests at heart and if he isn't, it will tell you a lot about the limitations of his love for you.

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Mariah Carey confirms new beau

Mariah Carey has a vision of love for her backup dancer Bryan Tanaka.

Carey, who posted an Instagram picture with her and Tanaka drinking champagne in a tub on Valentine's Day, confirmed the romance in an interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday, though she declined to say much more than that..

Singer Mariah Carey, left, talks with Bryan Tanaka during the second half of an NBA basketball game between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Atlanta Hawks, Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2017, in Los Angeles. The Clippers won 99-84. Photo: Mark J. Terrill, AP / Copyright 2017 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

"I'm just going to be like 'I really don't talk about my personal life.' Because that's what I used to do and it really worked for a minute, back, a while ago," she said, smiling. "I just don't feel comfortable talking about my personal life. ... Me and my boyfriend don't want to do that."

Carey's reluctance to talk in the media about her romance is understandable given the drama that erupted when she and billionaire James Packer broke up last year. The split wasn't amicable and led to plenty of tabloid headlines.

But it seems to have also inspired Carey musically. Her latest single, "I Don't," featuring rapper YG, is about a breakup: "We got together and did the song in like a day and the video the next day."

In the video, Carey evening dresses in sexy white lingerie with a white bridal garter on her thigh. In one line, YG raps, "Hold up, give me my ring back. Never mind you could keep that." Meanwhile, Carey flips off the camera with the ring on her middle finger — a ring that looks just like the one Packer gave her.

The video also shows her throwing a wedding gown in a fire pit, a gown that looks very much like the Valentino dress she had custom-made for her wedding.

"It was fun and it wasn't that very expensive one that they think it is," she clarified. "You shouldn't be wasteful, so I'm going to do something with charity and wedding dresses, I think."

Carey is due to hit the road this spring with Lionel Richie for "All the Hits Tour," which runs from March 15 through May 27. She met Richie for the first time when she was invited to sing "Hero" with Luciano Pavarotti in 1999.

For the tour — hitting such cities Chicago, Cleveland, Boston, Detroit, New York, St. Louis, Denver, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta and Seattle, among many others — she'll be bringing her 5 year-old twins, Moroccan Scott Cannon and Monroe Cannon, along for the journey.

"Roc and Roe do get to come," she said. "They love to go onstage and actually they are very musical already. They have their school, and they have their teacher. They are doing really well but they don't love the school, let's just put it that way. But they are happy when they get to go with me on tour and there's other kids there, too, so it's good."

Carey has sold more than 200 million records worldwide, making her one of the best-selling music artists of all time. But she says staying hot in the game isn't easy.

"It's very difficult, especially the way the business is now," she said. "I truly love music and always have. It's not like ... 'Oh, here's a way to get famous.' It wasn't any of those things. It was my release, it was my everything and it still is. So I think that I'm just grateful that people still tune in."

She also once again addressed the debacle on "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin Eve" where she stopped singing during her live performance after having technical issues, which led to fingers pointing between Dick Clark Productions and Carey.

"I didn't obsess over the New Year's Eve thing," she added. "I mean, I was upset about the fact that people didn't understand, but it's like, I can only explain it like this to you."

She added: "It's like I'm the only one that has to make five million comebacks. ... For me there are different rules, I don't know why. I don't know why it's not OK that I was just like victimized and vilified by the situation."

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Banning ‘Deplorable’ Dresses

Teens are taking a nightclub to task after owners attempted to put in place a prom dresses in uk code asking women to “keep it neat and discreet” due to the “deplorable dresses” at the last event.

A representative for the Fusion Ball Kilkenny in Southern Ireland shared on Facebook a strongly worded post asking for “knee length dresses with NO PLUNGING NECKLINE.” It went a step further with photos of dresses from Boohoo and PrettyLittleThing emblazoned with a large “NO.” Commenters have taken over the club’s Facebook page with accusations of sexism and misogyny.

“Disgusting that girls are being penalised for having boobs and legs,” wrote commenter Aiofe Lazenby. “I called the 1800’s to see if I could borrow a suitable frock for the event but they aren’t picking up. Shame,” joked Lila Naples. In the process, each angry commenter is leaving a one-star review on the club. They’ve received 251 one-star reviews so far, jacking the club’s numbers all the way down to 1.5 stars overall so far.

Some commenters agree that the club has a right to place a dress code, but take issue with the sexist wording of the post. “You’re more then entitled to place a dress code on an event you’re throwing, but the wording of your post is extremely problematic and promotes shaming female bodies,” wrote Erin Donnelly. It’s a mark of this generation of women that they know how they deserve to be treated, and it doesn’t involve the word “deplorable.”

The club attempted to stem the flow of anger by reminding commenters that men also have to ascribe to a dress code of “Suit and tie, slacks and shoes.” But unlike the women’s dress code, men weren’t insulted in the description process. Best of luck to Fusion Hall as it attempts to work through the impossible process of winning back the love of a swarm of angry teenage girls.

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Dress Sale Raises $17K

Max I. Walker Cleaners’ 10th Annual Ultra Chic Boutique evening dresses sale, to raise funds for families in need, took place Jan. 28 here at the Design Center. The event took in over $17,000 in just six hours for the Open Door Mission’s Lydia House, the company reports.

“We as a company are proud of our community and their efforts to support the Ultra Chic Boutique year after year,” says Lisa Walker Sekundiak, who is vice president of Max I. Walker and founder of the Ultra Chic Boutique. “Being a 100-year-old company, it’s been in our blood to want to give back, and we’re so happy to have found something that speaks not only to us but to our community.”

Dress donations were accepted across the Omaha metro area at all 23 Max I. Walker locations. Employees cleaned, pressed and mended over 3,000 donated dresses at no charge, the company says. Hundreds of ladies shopped, and volunteers donated their time to make a special day happen.

Proceeds go directly for food and care for women and children in the Lydia House emergency service program, Walker says.

The Open Door Mission provides a safe community for individuals and families that inspires hope for lasting change. Lydia House meets the basic needs of the homeless.

On a daily basis, the Open Door Mission provides 816 safe shelter beds for homeless men, women and children; serves more than 2,100 hot nutritious meals to the hungry; and empowers more than 275 needy families through prevention programs, Max I. Walker says.

“The Ultra Chic Boutique has experienced 10 years of success,” says Sekundiak, “and we’re humbled by the impact of our philanthropic efforts.”

What started in 2007 with a few hundred donated dresses has evolved into the Ultra Chic Boutique event, which includes fashion shows, vendors, thousands of formal gowns, and The evening dresses uk Flip design competition.

“This brings us to a total of $145,000 donated to the Lydia House over the last 10 years,” the company reports.

Max I. Walker Cleaners was founded in March 1917, and has grown over the years from a small route business to a company with hundreds of employees.


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When Taco Bell first opened its flagship Cantina restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip back in November, it seemed like only a matter of time before the fast food chain started offering wedding ceremonies for diehard fans at the flashy taco mecca. Well, it looks like that time has finally come. Really.

pics:evening dresses

T-Bell announced Tuesday that visitors to the Las Vegas Cantina will be able to get hitched in a taco-themed ceremony at the restaurant's wedding chapel, complete with food, booze, and plenty of swag, starting this summer. Countless people have already celebrated their big days with Taco Bell, but the new wedding service makes it even easier for couples who want to pledge their love for each other and, uh, tacos. The news comes just days after Domino's launched of a wedding registry, meaning the fast food wedding of your dreams is now easier than ever.

The T-Bell wedding service, however, will set you back way more than just a bag of midnight Crunchwraps and Smothered Burritos at $600. Along with a ceremony by an actually wedding officiant, here's everything you get: a Taco Bell garter, bow tie, Sauce Packet wedding bouquet, “Just Married” t-shirts, Taco Bell champagne flutes, a Cinnabon Delights Wedding Cake, and a Taco 12 Pack for your first meal as newlyweds. Oh, and probably a lifetime of suffering from heartburn together. Or something like that.

To kickoff the summer of Fire Sauce nuptials, Taco Bell has also launched the Love and Tacos Contest and Happily Ever Crashers Sweepstakes, which will award one lucky couple an all-expense paid trip to Vegas to become the first to be married at the restaurant. Specifically, the winners will get free travel arrangements, accommodations at Planet Hollywood, and "the wedding of their dreams" at the newly minted Cantina wedding chapel. To enter, you'll have to share you love story with Taco Bell by February and fans will vote for the winning couple, according to the contest's official website. In other words, relationship goals.

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it doesn't scream fashion

Iwill still never forgive Samantha Cameron’s husband for calling that referendum, but I would definitely wear some of these clothes. The Zip Funnel Neck Midi evening dresses in Khaki (£290) is a good shape and length, has elbow-length sleeves that work well for daytime, and a pleasingly JW Anderson-ish zip from collarbone to hip. I am also quite keen on the Long Sleeve Peplum Top (£190), shown with jeans on the website. The Tailored Stretch Wool Blend Maxi Culottes (£210) look elegant and wearable.

There will be no scrum for these clothes. They do not scream fashion. They are clothes to quietly make the point that the wearer is up-to-date on modern life, generally speaking. They are mostly navy, black and khaki, accented with poppy red. (Oddly, there is one print, a window-pane check. This perhaps should have been edited out.) They are aspirational in a grown-up, lifestyle-orientated way. Like the right marble kitchen surface, or a Stiffkey Blue front door.

These are not boardroom clothes, but nor are they a wardrobe for ladies of leisure. The Cefinn woman wants to look interesting, but she also wants to look professional.

There are, in fact, no shortage of lovely clothes at this price point – see The Fold, Libby London, LK Bennett, Me&Em – but these labels often struggle to get much purchase on publicity, squeezed out of the fashion bandwidth by high-street clamour at one end and catwalk glamour at the other. With the advantageous newsworthiness of the Cameron name, Cefinn could do well in this market.

Samantha Cameron, who has launched her fashion label Cefinn.

FacebookTwitterPinterest Samantha Cameron, who has launched her fashion label Cefinn.

There is a strong sense of Samantha Cameron’s own style in the long, lean skirt shapes and the modern high-necked silk blouses. This gives personality to the collection, and the shape channels the aura of grace-under-pressure that women admire in Cameron. But it also tilts the collection toward shapes that suit Cameron’s tall, slender physique. These are not necessarily figure-flattering pieces.

The name Cefinn is a semi-amalgam of her children’s names, but it sounds like it could be a type of Cornish pottery. Or perhaps an old English quilting technique. Something British, slightly arty, and unshowy. Which is exactly what these clothes are.

What the shoppers thought

Cefinn is expected to sell predominantly online, but Samantha Cameron was in store this morning to launch a concession at Selfridges. We asked shoppers what they thought of the collection.

Eli Martin, 25, Student

Did you know Samantha Cameron was launching a clothing line?


How do you feel about the collection?

There are a lot of zips going on and I can’t stand zips on show. I feel like they always need to be concealed. Having said that, there are quite a few pieces I am pleasantly surprised by: the checked two-pieces are quite nice, and the black funnel neck midi dress – though I wouldn’t call it a midi dress as it sits at the ankles. It’s all very conservative.

Would you buy anything from the collection?

No I wouldn’t. Though I was pleasantly surprised by the funnel neck dress, I wouldn’t pay £270 for it.

A woman in her fifties, who works in banking, who asked not to be named:

Did you know Samantha Cameron was launching a clothing line?

I had seen something a while back about it.

How do you feel about the collection?

It’s nice, simple and easy. I could see myself wearing the black zip funnel evening gowns uk.

Would you buy anything from the collection?

Not today. But, I wouldn’t rule out a purchase in the future.


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31st China Wedding Expo

The 31st China Wedding Expo, sponsored by the China Portrait Photography Society (CPPS) and the Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai, will be held concurrently with China Baby Photo Expo 2017 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from February 22 to February 25, 2017. The event is hosted by Shanghai International Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

31st China Wedding Expo

The highly professional event has become the trendsetter for China’s wedding photography industry

The China Wedding Expo is being held for the 16th consecutive year. The solid 16 years of experience that the organizers have under their belt speaks to the event’s many achievements over the years and today. The China Baby Photo Expo is the nationwide event for the gathering of the leading players in China’s portrait photography industry, while serving as the international expo for Asia’s leading association across the sector, United Asian Professional Photography (UAPP). The expo is the place where the latest frontier technologies and innovations across the portrait photography industry are unveiled. As the trendsetter and leader for China’s wedding photography industry, the China Wedding Expo has become the sector’s largest professional and international expo in Asia and across the globe, and has consistently drawn wide attention from industry insiders.

The largest expo of its kind worldwide, with more than 1,000 new products being debuted

The 31st China Wedding Expo, housing over 1,000 domestic and international exhibitors across a 120,000-square meter space, maintains the event’s role as one of the world’s largest bridal and wedding exhibitions. More than 100,000 visitors are expected to pass through the entrance doors during the 4-day event. The venue will be host to four exhibition platforms – the China International Wedding cheap evening dresses uk & Fashion Accessories Expo, the China Wedding Theme Photography Expo, the China Wedding Photo Album, Frame & Supplies Expo and the China Wedding Supplies and Honeymoon Photography Expo – in addition to 12 themed pavilions. It will house the leading brands throughout the industry and the most comprehensive range of wedding dress themes. More than 1,000 new products from domestic and international exhibitors will be on display for the first time, with the expectation of drawing the attention of industry watchers worldwide.

The increasingly international focus of the event has translated into an unprecedented number of leading Chinese and foreign brands contending on the same stage

Some of the most influential high-end wedding dress brands from the United States, Italy, Malaysia and Japan will stand side by side with China’s leading brands as they vie for attention from buyers and reviewers. South Korea’s top wedding dress brands favored by Korean celebrities and consumers are expected to have a major footprint at the expo. Joining hands with high-cost designers, these brands will showcase new luxury wedding dresses featuring fashion elements that are currently trending in China. Leading brands for a wide array of premier cosmetics, accessories, albums, frames and props for the taking and exhibiting of photographs plan to exhibit stunning new products at the event, setting the direction for the next fashion trends across the industry.

Cutting-edge portrait photography combines with the latest Internet technology, redefining wedding photography as they meet expections from consumers for a higher level of customization

The China Wedding Expo has continually and successfully executed on its self-appointed mission of “highlighting new products and leading the trends across the wedding industry”, keeping the event at the forefront of industry and fashion trends as well as a serving as a driver for innovation. Top theme photography brands from China and abroad will gather in the well-defined exhibition zones, where they will showcase how new technologies such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), virtual reality (VR) and live photography are applied in the theme, outdoor, honeymoon and destination wedding photography segments, resulting in incomparable and personalized photography experiences for new couples.

A wide variety of concurrent events create platforms for exchanges and cooperation

During the 31st China Wedding Expo, the CPPS Executive Representative Assembly, the Inauguration Ceremony of the CPPS Professional Committee for Post-Production, and the “Thesis” Seminar for Secretaries General of Wedding Photography Industry Associations in China will be held concurrently. The sponsors of the event have also organized a variety of lectures and events, including an exhibition of the works that will be entered into the competition for the World Photographic Cup, the 2017 China Wedding Dress and Gown Procurement and Exchange Salon, makeup training courses, lectures on color and quality control in post-production, the Internet + Mater Forum, and seminars on score system management.

People-oriented services that create a healthy trade environment

The China Wedding Expo plans to continue focusing on further enhancements to the brand as well as on innovations in services. For this year’s event, a special lounge section for the directors of the China Portrait Photography Society as well as a separate section for consultations concerning legal matters will be set up, creating a comfortable environment for business discussions.

Multiple pre-registration channels, including the official website, the downloadable app and the event’s WeChat presence, are easily accessible to anyone wishing to attend. By completing the pre-registration form available on any of the channels and showing the provided pass upon arrival at the event, visitors will be able to gain entry to the exhibition site without needing to wait in line and go through any check-in procedure.

China Baby Photo Expo: the children’s photography market is expected to take off thanks to favorable government policies

Stimulated by the change in the Chinese government’s policy which now allows couples to have a second child, the children’s photography market has entered into a period of explosive development. China Baby Photo Expo 2017 will be held concurrently and the 20,000+ square-meter exhibition is expected to attract 50,000 attendees. The event will showcase a full range of products and services from the leading brands at affordable prices in the W4 and W5 halls. It is an event not to be missed.

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New York Times Fashion Week

Well, this is certainly an exciting way to kick off Fashion Month: A full-page ad in the New York Times is demanding more diversity in fashion.

“Fashion she can’t wear is becoming a bit unfashionable,” declares the ad, calling out the many designers and retailers who don’t make or carry extended sizes despite the fact that the average American woman is a size 16-18.

pics;prom dresses uk

The timely ad came courtesy of Dia & Co., a clothing start up that delivers subscription clothing and styling services to women size 14 and above. It’s no coincidence its placement in the Style section occurs on the first day of New York Fashion Week.

The ad was published as part of the company’s new #movefashionforward campaign, which “aims to shift the ongoing conversation on size inclusivity from talk to action,” according to a press release. The ad notes there are “100 million plus-size women in this country. The time has come for real inclusivity.”

A January 2017 poll commissioned by Dia & Co. of 1,500 self-identified plus-size adult women who are not customers of the service revealed that 78 percent would be willing to spend more money on plus-size clothes if more designers offered the sizing, and 72 percent don’t believe that clothes are designed with the average woman in mind.

The ad is a bold move sure to at least be seen by industry insiders at fashion week. That should include Kate Spade, Tommy Hilfiger, Kenneth Cole and Diane Von Furstenburg, who were identified in the poll as designers from whom the women were most interested in seeing extended sizes.

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shopping trip

She is rumoured to be expecting a baby with her boyfriend Bradley Cooper.

But Irina Shayk gave nothing away on Tuesday as she headed out for a shopping trip in Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old model prom dresses uk in a loose fitting black top, leather jacket and black leggings for her spree on hip Melrose Avenue.

Comfy flat lace up black boots and an oversized burgundy bag added to the look while the stunning model wore her hair in a loose parted style.

She was without Bradley but was joined by a female pal for their day out.

The couple have been dating since around April 2015, and according to E! News' source, Bradley has been doting on his beau, 'taking her to her doctor visits.'

The website's source also said that the 44-year-old actor 'has been there for her and is loving seeing the baby grow inside her.'

E!'s insider added that Irina 'can't wait to be a mom' and wants 'more kids after this.'

Rumors of a possible pregnancy ignited after she walked the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris wearing a knotted duster coat over her lingerie.

The stars have yet to comment on the pregnancy rumors.

Irina, who started dating the movie star in early 2015, has been seen on numerous occasions wearing an oval-cut diamond and emerald ring on her wedding finger.

The gorgeous brunette recently shared a behind the scenes shot from her Missoni Summer 2017 campaign.

The runway star, who covered up her stomach with a white robe, wrote: '#BTS moment on set with my @missoni family!'

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Milano Febbraio 2017

Tutto ciò che vedremo alla Settimana della Moda di Milano. Una guida per non perdere le tendenze dell'Autunno Inverno, segui il calendario, vedi eventi e sfilate della Milano Fashion Week dal 22 al 27 febbraio 2017

Milano Fashion Week Febbraio 2017

La Milano Fashion Week del febbraio 2017 è uno spettacolo imperdibile in cui vedremo finalmente svelate le tendenze per l'Autunno Inverno 2017-2018, ovvero per la stagione fredda. Tutte le news sulle sfilate, date, eventi della Settimana della Moda di Milano che si tiene dal 22 al 27 febbraio 2017, una guida completa per non perdere nemmeno un dettaglio di Milano Moda Donna.


pics:prom dresses online

Le date della Settimana della Moda di Milano di Febbraio 2017

Le date importanti della Milano Fashion Week del febbraio 2017 sono il 22 febbraio, giorno di inizio della kermesse fashion, e 27 febbraio, giorno in cui si chiude la settimana della moda di Milano, tradizionalmente un lunedì. In questi sette giorni ci sono in calendario a Milano Moda Donna 2017 tantissime sfilate, numerosi eventi e altri appuntamenti imperdibile per chiunque ami il mondo della moda.

Anche semplicemente andando in giro si possono scoprire le tendenze dell'Autunno Inverno 2017-2018 perché fashion blogger, vip e altre figure delmondo della moda invadono letteralmente le vie di Milano, sfoggiando look imprevedibili e particolari, look dai quali prendere spunto. In queste date dal 22 al 27 febbraio 2017 si raduna per la Milano Fashion Week il gotha della moda.

Il calendario delle sfilate della Settimana della Moda di Milano di Febbraio 2017

Le sfilate della Milano Fashion Week AI 2017-2018 sono organizzate secondo un calendario ben preciso in cui trovano posto in date, orari e location stabilite in anticipo i vari stilisti che partecipano alla MFW. Le giornate della settimana della moda di Milano trascorrono frenetiche, con sfilate che cominciano dalle 9:00 di mattina e non si fermano neanche a pranzo! Si va avanti fino a sera, quando spesso hanno luogo sfilate davvero spettacolari.

La Milano Fashion Week è quindi un momento da vivere con grande entusiasmo ed energia, soprattutto se non vogliamo davvero perderci nulla della settimana di febbraio 2017 dedicata alla moda. Se il buongiorno si vede dal mattino, allora stiamo pur certe che l'edizione corrente della settimana della moda di Milanosarà imperdibile: Gucci e Alberta Ferretti sono fra i grandi nomi che inaugureranno la prima giornata.

La fashion week meneghina parte quindi in maniera roboante, ma non si ferma di certo qui, ecco alcuni appuntamenti imperdibili fra gli eventi in calendario.

Lo street style alla Settimana della Moda di Milano di Febbraio 2017

Le sfilate della Milano Fashion Week sono sempre più social: su Facebook, Instagram e Twitter si trovano video e foto di fashion blogger che documentano ciò che avviene fuori dalle passerelle. Del resto anche gli stilisti sono diventati sempre più curiosi e attenti allo street style e dalle sue tendenze, proposte proprio dalle fashion blogger.

Chi frequenta e vive la settimana della moda di Milano dipinge proprio il colorato quadro dello street style, proponendo look arditi ai quali poi ci ispiriamo. Lo shopping per l'Autunno Inverno 2017-2018 non si fa quindi solo rubando con gli occhi dalle passerelle, ma anche e soprattutto per le strade di Milano, dove outfit non meno glamour di quelli disegnati dagli stilisti si incontrano ad ogni angolo.

Nelle foto e nei video di Milano Moda Donna si vedono infatti sempre più spesso i fashion blogger, gli influencer e così via e sempre meno ad attirare sono gli scatti da passerella, sarà perché lo street style sembra essere alla portata di tutti?

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Akron Altrusa prom dress

Altrusa International of Akron is holding its annual Princess Night prom-prom dresses uk giveaway March 11 at Family of Faith United Methodist Church, 800 E. Market St., Akron.

In its 17th year, the event features gently used formal and semi-formal dresses, purses, shoes, jewelry, makeup samples and perfume for girls 16 and older. The dresses and accessories are displayed in a boutique setting, and volunteers act as personal shoppers to assist girls. Light dress alterations will also be provided.

Since Princess Night began in 2000, Altrusa's Akron chapter has given nearly 1,500 dresses to girls in the community.

"Princess Night is an Akron project that we truly love," said event spokeswoman Linda Rittenour. "Prom is such a milestone, we don't want any girl to feel like she can't attend."

Last year, the organization provided prom dresses online, accessories and shoes for 137 girls.

According to the organization's website, the mission of Altrusa International is to improve communities worldwide by providing service, developing international leadership, fostering international understanding, and encouraging fellowship through an international network of dedicated volunteers.


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Welcome New Family

Erin Andrews and fiancé Jarret Stoll are busy preparing for their wedding but they also have another important task to accomplish this year: Adding a family member.

"We want to get our Golden Retriever!" the Dancing With the Stars co-host and Fox Sports commentator told E! News' Miriam Isa exclusively at the LIFEWTR: Art After Dark pre-Super Bowl LI party at Club Nomadic in Houston Friday, two days before she'll take the sidelines to report on the 2017 Super Bowl.

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"We're supposed to get him in May," Andrews continued. "We'll get our dog before the wedding."

Andrews confirmed in December she and the NHL player got engaged after he proposed at the members-only Club 33 in Disneyland. She also flashed a sparkling engagement ring.

"We knocked out two things today," Andrews said, talking about wedding planning.

"We got the DJ, the photographer," Stoll said.

"Well, the DJ doesn't know," Andrews explained. "I'm sure he'll say yes."This marked Andrews' first celebrity event since she revealed last month she had battled cervical cancer.

She talked about how her loved ones have helped her through the experience, saying, "by just being there, just helping me through it, righting with me, telling me I shouldn't be doing football and [instead] taking care of myself and supporting me and coming to the games."

"I've never gotten to bring him to a Super Bowl before so this is his first time," Andrews said about Stoll, who has been dating the TV personality for more than four years.

He revealed his rooting for the New England Patriots to beat the Atlanta Falcons during Sunday's big game.

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Brides Across America

Brides Across America, whose mission is delivering wedding gowns and prom dress to military or first-responder brides, made a stop Sunday in Berks County.

The Andover, Mass-based nonprofit joined forces with The Inn at Reading, Wyomissing, for a popup event dubbed "Operation Gown Giveaway."

Kathleen Cruz, event coordinator with Brides Across America, arranged for 16 veils and 54 dresses, ranging in size 4 to 24, to arrive here.

"Places like The Inn at Reading have contacted us to host events." Cruz said. "A lot of our brides, as you'll see, will drive six hours to get here."

Amber M. Stine, 32, of Temple had to drive only a few minutes. She works as a correctional officer, which qualified her for participation.

She and her fiance, Jorge L. Marte, 36, plan to wed in September 2018.

Stine, with guidance from Cruz, kept looking until she found what she wanted.

"It fits well," Stine said of her choice. "I like the lace and the beads."

She never expected to find a dress so soon. Stine had called the Inn at Reading to sign up for the hotel's Bridal Expo when she learned about Brides Across America.

Her sister Jennifer of Douglassville and their mother, Terri, helped pick the gown.

"Before today I was in charge of the guest book," Jennifer said. "Now I am matron of honor."

Brides Across America was founded in 2008 by Heidi Janson. It gives away about 2,000 dresses per year. Operation Gown Giveaway hosts big events in July and November and spots fill up fast. Success has spawned additional events, like Sunday's. The organization has donated 15,000 dresses and counting.

Ralie Heath, wedding coordinator for the Inn at Reading, said that the event was perfect to go along with the hotel's Bridal Expo.

"It's a good fit," Heath said. "We have been looking for a way to give something to the community."

Fifteen women signed up and paid a $30 registration fee, hoping to find a perfect dress for their perfect day. People came from across town, across the state and halfway across the nation.

Sarah McGoldrick, 25, and her husband, Army Sgt. Michael J. McGoldrick, were married in a civil ceremony in August 2014.

She traveled from Fort Sill Army Base in Oklahoma to Dallas, where she boarded a plane for Philadelphia. She then drove to Reading with her mother, Susan Baraldi, 59, of Lansdowne, Delaware County.

Sarah plans to say "I Do" again during a wedding ceremony on Dec. 23.

She said the round trip was worth it, not only for the gown, but for the chance to be with her family when she picked one.

The salon shows an array of contemporary style gowns in three colors: white, ivory and champagne. Accessories are included with some of them, but alterations are the responsibility of the new owners.

America Rojas, 33, who is in the Army Reserve, drove alone from Staten Island, N.Y., to pick a gown. She and her fiance, Fernando Herrera, 38, met five years ago, when both were deployed to Afghanistan. He is on active duty with the Army.

The two plan a June 11 wedding. Rojas was happy with her selection.

The McGills, who have a lot of military members in the family, drove here from Pittsburgh.

Rachel J. McGill is engaged to Lance Cooper, now serving in the Air Force. Her father, Stephen P. McGill, and his wife and Rachel's mother, Denise, were along to help look at gowns, and they didn't want to have leave empty-handed.

Rachel tried on a variety of dresses, eventually returning to a simple and elegant one that she had tried on early in the process.

The way the bride-to-be sees it, the dress from Operation Gown Giveaway is reducing the budget for her May 6 wedding by the price of a gown, anywhere from $500 to $2,000.

As the event came to a close, 14 young women had come as hopefuls and 13 gowns were matched to future brides.

"It is really a blessing," Cruz said. "We work one on one with people to find what they want. Not everyone's going to say yes. They have to like the base of the occasion dresses, and then we can give them ideas to make it their own."


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wedding event

One upcoming local event is encouraging couples from near and far to Tie the Knot in ‘Toga.

This new, interactive wedding event, hosted by The Saratoga Convention & Tourism Bureau, will take place on January 27 and 28 throughout the city of Saratoga Springs.

The first-ever initiative aims to attract engaged couples, bridal parties, destination wedding planners and industry media to Saratoga Springs from throughout New York and New England; specifically, the New York City metro area, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and neighboring areas.

The two-day event will kick off on Friday evening at the Saratoga Springs Heritage Area Visitor Center, with a party featuring DJ Trumastr, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, along with an interactive fashion show. The night will continue with nightlife activities in the downtown area.

Saturday morning begins at the Saratoga Springs City Center with a presentation from acclaimed New York City-based industry supplier AllSeated, followed by an afternoon of progressive tours of iconic Saratoga venues, museums and galleries throughout the city and beyond.

Guests on Saturday’s tour will not only see these venues prom dress in wedding décor, but they’ll be able to taste food and drink offerings from the area’s most popular caterers, have their sense of smell teased by the some of the area’s florists and hear some of the region’s talented musicians and DJs throughout the day. It will also be an opportunity to meet reputable local planners, photographers, videographers and officiants as they give event-goers a glimpse of how they work.

The day rolls into evening with the “What’s Hot” Reception & Fashion event Saturday night. Swag bags for overnight and tour guests will be sponsored by Angela’s Bridal.

Friday’s reception is free for overnight guests and Saturday’s events are $35 per person for the full day.

Advanced registration is required to secure a seat on the complimentary shuttle, provided by Premiere Transportation.

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Inauguration fashion

en it came to assessing who wore what on Inauguration Day, there was a whole lot of sartorial symbolism going. Not to mention a freaky fashion confluence that resulted in the incoming first lady and her husband’s bitter rival for the presidency wearing the same label, as well as two high-profile pantsuits, both in white, and the sight of Mrs. Obama, Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Trump clad in the colors of the American flag — red, white and blue, respectively.

The biggest reveal of the day came early, with incoming First Lady Melania Trump stepping out for the day’s events clad in a sky-blue double-faced cashmere Ralph Lauren Collection ensemble that included a cropped cutaway jacket and a mock turtleneck cheap prom dresses. Taken together with the suede gloves and stiletto heels — in the same shade of blue — and upswept hairstyle, the first impression of the new first lady was one of elegance and poise.

The monochrome outfit’s slightly ’60s vibe — thanks to the mock turtleneck collar and sleeves cropped to mid-forearm — instantly drew comparisons to the most memorable looks of Jackie Kennedy’s time as first lady. At the same time, the cut of the cropped cutaway jacket lent a little futuristic-airline-stewardess feel to the whole thing.

The choice of Ralph Lauren was hardly a surprise — the label had been one of the odds-on favorites since the fashion handicapping began earlier this week and it had been Melania Trump’s go-to for several high-profile appearances during the campaign season. It was also, as many have pointed out, the source of many a Hillary Clinton pantsuit during the 2016 campaign, a fact of which we were reminded when Clinton arrived for the ceremony also clad in Ralph Lauren — an off-white pantsuit with a white jacket draped over her shoulders.

While the first ladies past and future found themselves united by a brand that’s positioned itself as America’s symbolic clothier (Ralph Lauren, need we remind you, is the longtime official outfitter of the U.S. Olympic team), Clinton and Ivanka Trump found themselves sharing the white pantsuit look — the latter in a version by Oscar de la Renta, which included a long, asymmetrical-cut jacket accessorized with an American flag pin. (Her half-sister Tiffany also chose an all-white outfit for the occasion.)

As if that wasn’t enough fodder for the fashion machine, outgoing First Lady Michelle Obama attended the festivities in a red cheap prom dresses uk (provenance unknown) with a fit-and-flare silhouette and accessorized with a thin black belt. Together, these three women literally represented the colors of the American flag.

There’s one more red, white and blue combination that bears mentioning: the Inauguration Day outfit of Trump’s special advisor Kellyanne Conway, who turned out for her boss’ big day in a military-inspired coat from Alessandro Michele’s 2017 resort collection for Italian luxury label Gucci. The red, off-white and blue wool A-line look (which she accessorized with a red cloche hat, red gloves and red handbag) was studded with 10 metal buttons with feline-shaped heads.

While the buttons certainly could have been lions, tigers, pumas, it didn’t take much heavy lifting to draw a connection between the cat motif and the litter of cat references that have been ping-ponging through the political landscape for the last several months.

Of course, there was the comment by Trump on an “Access Hollywood” bus about grabbing women, caught on video and released before the election. Then Melania Trump turned up not once but twice wearing outfits with the distinct neck detail known as a “pussy bow.”

This was catnip to fashion sleuths (this one included), who mused that perhaps it was a calculated nose-thumb to critics and reference to the incident.

That in turn spawned the knit pink “pussyhats,” which have become the de facto sartorial symbol of Saturday’s upcoming women’s marches nationwide.

From where we’re sitting, it’s almost impossible not to see Conway’s choice as a kind of catty callback and final commentary on the whole situation.

To which we have to say: “Meow, meow.”


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onam Dubal's design

Word comes in, that no less than Isabella Rossellini, the Italian-American actress, filmmaker, author, and long-time face of Lancome, has been sporting the exquisite hand made coats and capes of Delhi-based fashion designer Sonam Dubal. Rossellini represents the pinnacle of international cinematic aristocracy (not only is she the daughter of cinematic legends Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman, but she also appears to have dated / married a sizable number of cinematic legends herself, Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, and Gary Oldman to name a few!)

"She spent a day with me and Carla Hetland, the costume designer of her 10-part TV series, Shut Eye, in which she plays a psychic choosing her wardrobe from my Vancouver showroom, Maison Sanskar,” says Dubal. “And later when she came in herself and bought some for her personal wardrobe too, she kept saying it was too much beauty to take in at once, and that she wanted to buy everything in store," says the graceful designer, whose oeuvre is informed by the beautiful, handmade textured textiles of his Maharashtrian and part Tibetan/Sikkimese heritage.

pics:cheap formal dresses

And then, as evidence of his elegance, he is quick to share his success with his team. “The corner stone of my work traveling and being appreciated around the world is my representative, the anthropologist Gail Percy, wife of Wade Davis, the well known Canadian anthropologist and photographer, who has chronicled the Amazon basin, and who had great faith in my work,” he says. “Isabella Rossellini is exactly the kind of woman I have always designed my clothes for,” he says, adding, “It’s quite amazing that she took to my collection in such a big way.”

Mumbaikars deliverance?

Could there be anything more clever than a chilled out, psychedelic Goan beach shack in the heart of saddi Dilli, called Lady Baga? “For as long as I can remember, Goa and its wonderful, laidback beach culture has always held a special place in my heart,” says the Mumbai-born and Delhi day tripper AD Singh, whose abiding love for the place saw him get married to his long-time girlfriend, Sabina, on a balmy beach front locale there in the nineties.

“It’s taken us many years but I’m so glad that we’ve finally managed to turn this lifelong love affair into a reality,” he says of the recently launched Connaught Place eatery, which purports to be an unabashed paean to Flower Power. The Beatles. Peace. Love. Shiva Valley. Baga beach, Anjuna flea market. Sand. Sky and sea.

And with Sabina Singh teaming up with Clement De’Sylva to create an ambience that recreates the full Goa experience, and a menu sporting crispy fried Bombil, and Father Lorenzo’s chorizos, and drinks like the cashew and palm vodka-based cocktails, Baga might just be the answer to every Mumbaikar’s prayers: it might keep the fat cat Dilli wala so content in its environs that they never actually want to visit the real thing again!

Marathon girl

“Running is really addictive. It makes you extremely happy because of the endorphins rushing through you. You never see an unhappy runner,” says Vidhi Seth, who stood first with a time of 3.34 minutes in the amateur open category in this Sunday’s marathon.

It was the erstwhile designer’s first full marathon, although she’d run seven half marathons earlier. “A full is a completely different experience. You’re really testing yourself physically and mentally,” says Seth, whose preparation involved a schedule of 70-80km weekly mileage, giving up her Saturday nights out, and showing up for practice at 6am four days a week. The erstwhile young designer, after a running career in school, took up marathon training with coach Savio D’Souza, post the birth of her daughter Vihana two years ago.

“The two things which really helped boost my run, were seeing my family at Worli sea face and Haji Ali cheering their lungs out for me, and mentally repeating this extremely lame saying which I read on a banner during the race, ‘pain is temporary, pride is forever’.”

The teens — a hair raising experience

“Raising teenagers is like nailing Jell-O to a tree,” says the renowned educationist Lina Asher, who will be launching her second book, Drama Teen, later this month. Asher, whose first book, Who do you think you are kidding?, was a general parenting book, says that ‘Drama Teen’ was also meant initially to be one, but a recent experience she had interacting with students of one of her schools in Bhopal, made her rethink the approach.

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Bridesmaid Dresses

When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, usually one style does not fit all. You may have bridesmaids with different tastes and likes when it comes to the bridesmaid dress selection process. That’s why it’s best to keep the dress selection process hassle free. Here are seven ways to make that happen.

1. Create a Vision Board

Instead of starting with options for your bridesmaids to pick from, create a vision board of styles and colors you like and share the board with your bridesmaids so that everyone can share their opinion on what you are visualizing as the bridesmaid cheap formal dresses of your dreams.

2. Have Your Bridesmaids Vote

Once you’ve selected the styles that you like, then bring the options to your bridesmaids and have them vote on what they like best. That way, you are surveying their opinions and seeing which style dress wins most of your bridesmaid’s hearts.

3. Make It a One Day Decision

Plan a day when you and your bridesmaid’s head to a local bridesmaid dress store and try on dresses there. When everyone is there in person together, it may be easier to make a decision on what dress fits everyone best.

4. Have Them Pick Their Own

Skip the traditional look of having your bridesmaids wear the same dress and ask them instead to pick out a dress they like and wear that on your wedding day.

5. Choose a Designer

If there’s a certain designer that you like, tell each bridesmaid to pick their favorite dress from that designer as their bridesmaid dress.

6. Just Pick a Color

To keep things simple, yet organized, select a color that you’d like your bridesmaids to wear and then have them pick out the dress in that color that fits their style the best.

7. Go With the Rental Idea

Instead of having your bridesmaids buy their dress, have them rent their prom dresses 2017 instead. When they rent, give them a few options on the website to chose from and have them rent from the same place.


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Corrie’s Jennie McAlpine

The curly-haired soap star was eager to shun the limelight on her special day earlier this month, instead choosing to make the news public on Twitter after the event.

Jennie, 32, confirmed her happy news on January 6, revealing the couple said “I do” at the Trafford Town Hall in Manchester.

pics:prom dresses 2017

She told today's Loose Women: "In the registry office in Manchester, our name was there and it was there for 28 days and nobody saw.

"People have said to me, ‘weren’t your friends really annoyed?’ and I thought that’s a really odd thing to say.

"But I thought no, I haven’t got any friends that are annoyed at me.

"I love a good wedding and I hope I’m invited to lots of them, I hope this doesn’t mean I don’t get invited

"I wanted it low key, I didn’t want to be the centre of attention.

"My parents knew this is what both me and Chris would do."

She added: "We had two witnesses and a lovely photographer who took our pictures."

Jennie, who plays bubbly Fizz Brown in the ITV show, told the lunchtime chat programme saying 'I do' had cemented her relationship with her long-term love.

She said: "The night before, I told him that people say they feel different when they get married.

"And genuinely I had a panic because I didn’t want to feel different.

"It just feels nicer and more complete."

It seems Jennie was so convincing in keeping things under wraps she even managed to pull the wool over her co-star's eyes.

She tweeted a picture of the newly-weds’ hands clasped together to show off their new wedding rings.

The Corrie actress added in a caption: “So, we went to Trafford Town Hall earlier this week and had a bit of a special day.”

Jennie confessed to the ITV show today: "I put the rings up (on social media) and Sally Anne Matthews flicked through and said she was like ‘oh nice, she’s been to the Trafford centre’."

The soap star has been involved with restaurant manager Chris for seven years, and they are parents to a two-year-old son named Albert.

Fans rushed to congratulate the actress on twitter, and her Coronation Street co-star Katie McGlynn, who plays Sinead Tinker, also tweeted a sweet message.

Katie replied to Jennie’s tweet by writing: “Yay!!!” and adding a series of emojis.

Tupele Dorgu, who played Kelly Crabtree in the show, also wrote: “Oh my word! How exciting. Congratulations…

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